The Kovovýroba Marek a syn company was founded in 1991, when Jiří Marek Sr. founded prospering family company. In 2008, the company was handed over to Jiří Marek Jr. This year, the company celebrates the 20th anniversary of its existence on Czech and foreign market.Kovovýroba Marek a syn, Ltd, is one of the most important Czech producers and supplier of water reservoirs, equipment for energo-chemical industry, and all types of steel constructions and weldments.
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Steel production and welding. Two basic fields of business, which belong inseparably together, have become alpha and omega of all the business activities of the company Kovovýroba Marek a syn, which has built up its empire on rich offer. Whether it is steel tower and ground reservoirs, silos, supply bins, interchangers, hoppers, storage reservoirs, pressure and non-pressure vessels, storage reservoirs, steel chimneys, duct systems, smoke systems, dilatations, weldments of different sizes, antenna masts or towers. Or also steel halls and constructions, elements for sewerage plants and heavy airtechnology. That is the basic composition of the basic offer of the company Kovovýroba Marek a syn.

The company left its mark thanks to its commissions in tens of destinations

The company is known not only on the Czech market, but also in abroad. It supplies were directed to many European countries, also to Asia and to South America. The company can be proud of its recommendations from known Czech and foreign companies. Kovovýroba Marek a syn has already realized supplies to Austria, Ukraine, Hungary, England, Turkey, Germany, Romania, Spain, and Russia.

And what next is behind the success of the company Kovovýroba Marek a syn?

„Our priority is a satisfied customer. It is a certainty for our company to provide quality and to observe supply deadlines, security of work and environmental protection. Our company if fully certified by TÜV. We offer to our clients complete realization of commissions – production documents, production, surface finishing, transport and epossibly also an assembly. We have experience with transport of oversized load not only within Czech republic, but also abroad.. „We also offer consulting and project activities“, explains the company owner Jiří Marek. Good reputation means everything. The company stringently observes also the production quality of products from its subcontracting companies, which it engages to make the supplies more flexible and quick.

The company in cooperation with its subcontractors possesses adequate and operationally safe technical equipment and facility, which enables to carry out the commissions and meets all the requirements for quality and deadline. The commission of the company Kovovýroba Marek a syn are executed in company´s and subcontractor´s production places, which are located into six halls of the size 5000 m2.